My name's Marcos, I am originally from Brazil and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I have more than 13 years working with modeling, texturing and rendering. Back when I lived in Brazil, I've worked for big companies, modeling for Coca-Cola, Adidas, McDonalds, Boticário, CitiBank, Continental, GE, Havaianas and others. Now I work as a freelancer.

Currently I work with Modo, ZBrush, V-Ray for Modo, Headus UV Layout, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop and Solidworks (as my hobby making 3D printed or machined "stuff").

My web site has three main sections: works done in modo, works done in ZBrush and a few TV ads I was involved on. Also, I have added some of my old work (old stuff tab).

I will keep updating my portfolio as much as I can during my free time, so new images will come up.

I've built this site as simple as possible without too much embellishment so you can see images loading up faster.